My husband got the okay to have a dog from the landlord the exact same day we adopted Buddy. We knew we wanted to adopt/rescue because of the many dogs waiting for someone to bring them home. My husband Tucker was out meeting dogs at a different rescue when I called him to drive to AHS Woodbury to meet Buddy.

I saw him online and it said he had been there for quite some time. He was 10 years old at the time with gentle eyes in his picture. I called the Woodbury shelter and they confirmed he was still there because people tend to pass over senior dogs. She told me he was such a sweet boy with a sad heart. I knew immediately that he was meant to be ours.

Tucker met Buddy right before closing and sent me a picture in the meeting room. I started crying and told him to do what he thought was best. A little while later I received a picture of Buddy in the passenger seat of the car, wagging his tail, and “smiling” from ear to ear. He was going home!

We had an instant bond and we are inseparable. Tucker has a very playful relationship with him and Buddy goes to him when he wants someone to play — for a senior dog he has a lot of energy and LOVES squeaky toys. We have a very loving and cuddly relationship, he needs to know where “mom” is at all times and rarely leaves my side. If I am sitting down, he’s cuddling me. He rarely gives kisses but he makes an exception for us.

He is our world and we love him so much. Buddy is very spoiled and we believe he is living his best life with us! We love our senior puppy!

– Cassie