Pawsitive Pointers: Pet Insurance

Pawsitive Pointers: Pet Insurance

Can you afford it when your pet gets sick or injured?

Did you know it’s common for a pet emergency visit to cost $1,000 or more, and even regular wellness exams can quickly cost several hundred dollars? One way to take the financial sting out of seeking vet care is to obtain pet insurance.

We DO NOT endorse any specific insurance company. Since each plan is different, we do recommend understanding coverage options and getting quotes from a few companies before deciding which is right for you, your budget, and your pet(s).

How does pet insurance work?

Typically, pet policies allow you to visit any vet, specialist, or emergency clinic you like. You pay the bill at the time of service and use that paid invoice to submit a claim for reimbursement. The amount reimbursed varies by policy and insurer. Some providers may offer direct payment to your vet.

How much does it cost?

Pet insurance premiums depend on the coverage you choose, your geographic location and the species, breed and age of your pet. Some insurers offer discounts for multiple pets, new policies, non-use of an exiting policy, or bundling the policy with other types of insurance.

What’s covered–and what’s not?

There are a variety of policy options: from packaged policies to a la cart coverage. It’s important to look at the policy details. For instance, some providers won’t reimburse you for exam fees, which are part of nearly every veterinary bill. Many will not cover expenses related to pre-existing conditions, which are conditions that occur before coverage starts or during a waiting period. Some policies may cover dental, rehab services, and medications – others may not.

Where do I get pet insurance?

While this is not a comprehensive list, we’ve listed many of the leading pet insurance companies here for your reference. As policies and pricing vary, visit the company websites and use the quote-generating forms to obtain tailored information.

Other tips

The following sites allow you to compare policies offered by multiple companies from a single location. However, not all insurance providers may be included in the comparisons, so you may want to use more than one site, or access some providers’ sites directly for quotes.

  • (See “Compare Plans” under the “Pet Insurance Plans” tab)

Using the Internet to search “Ranked Pet Insurance Companies” will also provide helpful references. These sites often provide a high-level overview of what a provider offers, which can help you quickly distinguish between policies.

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