Dog Behavior: A Historical View

If we are going to understand dog behavior, then it is important to understand the history behind the domestic dog. Remember that domestication of dogs is a relatively recent event in the grand scheme of their existence. Wild canines have been around for millions of years but have only lived with us a few thousandContinue reading “Dog Behavior: A Historical View”

Dog Behavior: Barking

Barking is a natural behavior of dogs. Almost all dogs bark, and some bark more than others depending on individual tendencies, learned behavior, and breed type (for example, Shetland Sheepdogs “Shelties” bark as part of their herding behavior, so it is a behavior that people have selectively bred them to achieve). In order to reduceContinue reading “Dog Behavior: Barking”


My husband got the okay to have a dog from the landlord the exact same day we adopted Buddy. We knew we wanted to adopt/rescue because of the many dogs waiting for someone to bring them home. My husband Tucker was out meeting dogs at a different rescue when I called him to drive to AHS Woodbury to meet Buddy.