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We depend on the kindness, love and homes of our foster parents to help us save hundreds of lives every year.  Members of our foster care program open up their homes for shelter animals.  They care for kittens or puppies until they are old enough for adoption, animals with illnesses and injuries until they are healed, and animals who need socialization or those who are not thriving in the shelter environment.  The time commitment varies upon the needs of the foster pet, but generally is between 2 weeks and 3 months. 

Fostering is a flexible, fun and rewarding volunteer experience, and requires a special person- able to invest themselves into the lives of foster pets, and let them go knowing they’ve helped save a life.  We provide all supplies foster parents need, from food and bedding to medication. While it is best to have some knowledge about animal behavior and health, we always try to match foster parents with animals whose needs are within your ability level, and we provide ongoing help and support throughout your foster experience. 

If you have your own animals, you’ll want to consider how they will adjust to having a foster pet. Some animals do very well with a temporary friend and can help socialize the foster animal. Other pets have a harder time with new animals being added to or leaving the family. You’re the best judge of your pet’s personality.  For the safety of your pets and the foster animal, it’s important to keep your pets up-to-date on vaccinations. In many cases, the foster pet will need to be isolated from your own pets, either temporarily or throughout the foster period.

Foster Eligibility Requirements

You must be at least 18 years of age, have adequate facilities for animal care, including landlord permission if you are renting, and it is recommended that all resident animals be current on vaccinations.  As a foster you must be able to bring animals back to SpokAnimal for medical checkups, vaccinations, and adoption.

How to Become a Foster

Fill out the online foster application and indicate that you are interested in joining the Foster Care Program!


Contact Randi, our Foster Coordinator, for more information at (509) 534-8133 x 106.

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