Farm Livin'

Hard working rodent managers seek a chance at life on a farm

The outcome for many cats in animal shelters is grim. Call it deadly. In order to save the lives of more of the thousands of cats and kittens that come into Spokane area shelters each year we created our Farm Livin’ program in 2009. This is a cooperative program with area farm homes who need barn cats for rodent control.

Farmers and rural barn homes may apply to SpokAnimal to receive cats at no charge. All of our Farm Livin’ cats are vaccinated and spayed or neutered, and go to their new barn homes with a bag of food. The new owners agree to provide them with a barn or farm building for shelter, and food to supplement what they catch.

The cats are age 12 weeks and up, and all are accustomed to independent living. Some kitties may be friendly and others may be feral. After the adjustment period in their new homes, most will stay in place. So far, our Farm Livin’ program has saved the lives of over 2,000 cats!!

If you are in need of a barn cat, or would like more information, please call Kitty City at:

(509) 534-8133 x 107

Start a Farm Livin’ Program in Your Area

Need a Farm Livin’ program in your neck of the woods?

We started our Farm Livin’ program in such a simple manner, it’s hard to believe! We posted flyers at farm and ranch supply stores, where people could tear off the contact information, hung posters, and sent out a press release to help get the word out. We took flyers and the barn cat job description to our events, and gave them to businesses willing to have them available for interested customers.

Farm Livin’ was an immediate success! We keep a list of people that want to adopt barn cats, and they don’t stay in the shelter for long before going to their new homes. We don’t charge an adoption fee for Farm Livin’ kitties, but ask for a donation to help cover our costs for spay/neuter and vaccinations, to keep the program going.

For those that would like to start their own Farm Livin’ program, all of the forms we have used for the program are available for you below!